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Thread: NVIDIA 1.0-9626 Driver Released

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    Yep should be a good release, i'm using the betas now and they work great, I use them with Beryl from time to time since it has that new opengl extension. I haven't had one problem with these drivers, not a crash, not a lockup. Maybe they'll have some more features to treat us with .

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    Wednesday perhaps.

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    NVIDIA will be delivering new display drivers this morning for GNU/Linux users that support the GeForce 8800GTX and 8800GTS. These drivers will be available through nZone, so they will likely be a Beta candidate and not an official release. We have not had the time yet to try out these new GNU/Linux display drivers, however, head on over to the Phoronix Forums where you can share your thoughts or seek assistance. As we were only told by NVIDIA on the night of November 6 that there would be same-day GNU/Linux display drivers (the GeForce 7900 cards weren't supported by the Linux drivers for a month; see here), we have not yet benchmarked these new GeForce 8 GPUs.

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