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Thread: Run Tests Separately in Batch

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    Is there a way to run all of the tests separately but with a single command? What I would like to do is run each available test individually but not have to sit there waiting until the current test has finished to run the next test. I'd like to be able to upload results later for any of the tests deemed important and choose individual tests that have already been run to compile into reports kind of like a suite, but after the fact.

    I know I can include all of the tests in one command, but then they are all glumped together in a single "custom" report and can't be utilized separately.

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    I seem to be having a hard time understanding your use-case.... So you want to run the tests concurrently? Or just have each test result saved separately?

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    Yes, I want to run all the tests concurrently, but in a way that the results for each test are saved separately. That way, I can for example, upload the ramspeed results or the compress-7zip results to Phoronix Global. Or, if I want to create a report that shows the results from multiple tests on a single page, I can compile the results choosing from all of the individual tests that were previously run, without having to run them again in a suite-like fashion.

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