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    Default VDrift New Release

    A new release is ready with a few new features and some bugfixes. Most notably we received a patch to fix the gcc 4.x bugs - the cars no longer hop around erratically when the game is compiled with gcc version 4.0 or greater (a bug that has plagued the game for several releases). Thanks to user ladybirdman for submitting the patch!

    Read on for full release notes and download links.

    Other bugfixes:
    • The Textures class has been overhauled and several problems regarding reloading textures have been fixed, now resolution can be changed in-game without problems
    • Lists of cars and tracks are now automatically found from directory listings instead of read from a text file
    • Fixed a menu bug which made it impossible to return to a replay after it has been paused
    • Some of the collision code has been updated which was causing bumps in certain spots on the road - some bumps still happen but much less often
    • Depth buffer is now set to 16 bpp
    • Sound class has been completely rewritten and updated to work better with newer versions of OpenAL
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by old tracks not being cleared when new ones are loaded
    New features:
    • New cars: Z06 (Chevrolet Corvette Z06), 3S (Mazda 3 sedan)
    • Little updates on cars: M3, XS, G4, TL, T73
    • New track: Circuit de Pau
    • Varied surface friction and bumpy surfaces are once again supported (only Road Atlanta takes advantage of these features)
    • A handbrake control has been added with each car having its own handbrake force value
    • Mouse controls are now fully customizable from the Assign Controls menu
    • Input graphing now works for all controls, not just mouse
    • The menu system is now fully skinnable (but there is only one skin)
    • Car shadows can now be turned off in the Display Options menu
    I haven't tried this release out yet, but VDrift is one of the better open-source racing games I have ever played.

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    Hey Michael.

    I'm planning to give this a test spin. I'm just wondering how you grabbed your screenshots before? I'm hoping to post my findings here.

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    If I recall correctly, just getting snapshots from GIMP window capture.

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    hmm... did you do window-mode runs?

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    Yes. I'll look into it again to see if there is a built-in snapshot function.

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    Well, this Vdrift is quite a download. It's going to take me 4 hours to get it downloaded. I sure hope the setup is streamlined.

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    You have the option to build it with scons, and if you do that, it's quite an easy process. There is also a universal Linux binary I believe.

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    It's only 30 minutes away. I think I'll wait for it. I'm getting the full x86 package. I think it's the binary ones already.


    This is just wonderful. I run the installer and I get an "Error: Unable to prepare Package VDrift."


    I've finally gotten the install to work. Mental note: Install Freealut.
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