So I was wondering what are the best (and most efficient) ways to support Linux?

I've first tried Linux in 2003, a dual boot with Mandrake and Windows XP. I was overwhelmed by the possibilities and to much addicted to games to really use it at the time. But given this negative experience I have loved Linux since that moment.

Several years later I tried Fedora Core 4/5/6, but my hardware wasn't up to the task (ATI X850), so I sold my computer and for some years I didn't use computers that much other than the basic stuff.

Yet some years after that I bought a computer again and have used Ubuntu since 8.10 (I think) till 10.10.

I love it! And now I would like to contribute to the community, but how? I can do some HTML and Java but no other programming. So what would be the best way to start? (I've got a lot of free time the next 6 months so that's not a problem.)

The other options to support I came up are:
- Join the Linux Foundation (I see this a donation, but how helpful do you think this is?)
- Report bugs. (I've never done this though and don't know how yet)
- Donate hardware to developers (I have a lot of hardware available, but don't know any developers)
- Translate at

But I can't come up with more idea's, so that's why I am asking here! Does anyone have a good idea or an answer to my question? Thanks!