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Thread: Kororaa Live CD drops support for propriatory drivers

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    Default Kororaa Live CD drops support for propriatory drivers

    As you guys probably know Kororaa Live CD is a distribution that shown off the capabilities of XGL and Compiz.

    As you probably know it was contacted by a Linux developer and told that they are not allowed to ship propriatory kernel modules and that they were illegal according to the GPL since they are derived work.

    So there was a big flap about it and people argued about it on slashdot and everything.

    Finally Kororaa has released a official statement to the fact that they have discontinued support of propriatory kernel modules for ethical reasons. The main developer decided that they probably were voilating the GPL and decided that it was unethical for them to do so since Linux is so valuable.

    You can read more about it at:

    Of course they probably will have facilities built into the live cdrom to allow end users to build propriatory drivers if they wanted to.
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