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Wait for vline. You can stall the GPU until scanout has passed a certain line in the scanout image. The downside is, that the GPU has to wait until the vline passes so you're not rendering during that period. With multi-buffering, the GPU is always busy, but it takes more memory since you need a stack of buffers to cycle between to avoid rendering to the buffer being scanned out of.
Is there already a way do disable "wait for vline" for fullscreen apps without making modifications in radeon X driver or kernel drm module? What would I need (which kernel, driver, etc.) and how to do that?
Now I use kernel 2.6.36 and r300g driver + Mesa 7.11-git on xserver 1.9.0 and vblank_mode=0 does make difference just for glxgears, not for fullscreen FPS games.