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Thread: What Was Your First Linux Distribution?

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    SuSE 6.1 was my first Linux distro but at the time (must have been around 1998) I never got it to working the way I wished. Basically I was scared off by the effort to find my way into configuring the system on a "text-file-editing" basis being an AMIGA user since 1989 and fixed on a more GUIficated approach.

    My first "working" installation (meaning working satisfactory according to my needs) was a SuSE 8.1 and I've stuck with SuSE ever since. ATM I am runnning a SuSE 10.0 on a 6-year-old Mitac notebook, a SuSE 10.1 on a three-year-old Uniwill notebook and openSuSE 10.3 on a DELL Vostro 1500 notebook and on my workstation (self-built). All of them have a parallel installation of Win XP pro exclusively for gaming purposes.
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