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Feeling old..my first distribution was SLS back in 92 or was it 93.
I did not get my Linux start until 1995, and I waited until I could purchase a book... Patrick Volkerding co-authored a book around that time along with Johnson and Reichard, if I remember correctly. The Linux kernel was early, but I do believe it was V1.something, perhaps around 1.2. I believe that the Slackware release that came with the book was either V2.0 or something close. I ran that from 1995-1998, then got Red Hat 5.1, then Mandrake 6.5, but the first distro I ran on a broadband network was Caldera openLinux eDesktop 2.4; that ran quite well on a laptop with only 2.1 GB of disk space and 16 MB of memory, if you can believe it! Wow, we have so much more these days. I remember going from that 100 MHz system to a 400 MHz system, which also went from 16 MB of memory to 128 MB memory, and from 2.1 GB disk to a 20 GB disk... all VERY miniscule today!

Once I got used to Debian in 2001, I learned how to use Debian Sid, and I've used it more than anything else since then.
But my computing days go back much earlier to microprocessors (not even called PCs in the late seventies, LARGE minicomputers (in size, not power) running on PDP-8 and PDP-10, and later PDP-11 minis; that's where I saw my first UNIX system in action; that was in the late seventies. I actually started regularly using UNIX software in 1982 though, so I suffered with other systems for several years prior to that time. My VERY earliest computing was on IBM mainframes in 1974 and HP minis running DTSS (Dartmouth Time Sharing System) in 1973.