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    Post Pre-Launch Feedback

    Any comments, ideas, problems, etc... can be posted here for any items pertaining to what you would like to see on these forums. These items can range from browser compatibility issues to new forum sections you would like to see, and anything in between, or a feature that the site may be lacking. Thanks.

    Michael Larabel

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    The forums look great with the green/gray/black color scheme. The only 'suggestion' is that the main forum list should use a tree view.
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    It would make navigation alot easier with a few less mouse clicks. I haven't spent any time tinkering with vBulliten myself, but it sounds possible.

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    Yep, that's on the TODO list, hopefully will be setup that way soon.

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    The colour scheme looks quite sharp. Easy on the eyes too. The tree view would be nice as Patrick pointed out.

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    Lovely color scheme, I really like it.

    I'm viewing ths forums in Firefox in a resolution of 1024x768, and the layout is too wide, forcing me to scroll horizontally to view the whole thing. Would be nice if the width adjusted itself to the browser window percent-wise. Also, in the posting page (new thread/reply/edit/etc.) the color scheme uses some kind of blue/white default fallback, and the editor font is too small. I'm comparing to another vBulletin board here, so hopefully it should be fixable.

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    I'll look into possibly having it changed from its 1070px fixed width.

    With your comment about the posting page, are you saying the ENTIRE page is defaulting to the standard vBulletin background? The WYSIWG text editor area itself is almost the standard editor, except a few color alterations, but none of it should be appearing as the blue/white theme.

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