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Thread: Defining Wayland & Its Input System Are Discussed

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    Default Defining Wayland & Its Input System Are Discussed

    Phoronix: Defining Wayland & Its Input System Are Discussed

    If you have any interest at all in the technical side of the Wayland Display Server, there's been two mailing list threads in particular worth paying attention to this week. One is about proposals for Wayland's input system an the other is in terms of defining a Wayland implementation...

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    I don't have much to say on the input front, other than I think it's conceptually cleaner to abstract out the input into a separate library which can be used in both X and Wayland, but I understand that pulling the input code out of X would be a non-trivial undertaking.

    With regards to the drm interaction, it would be very good to make Wayland usable without driver-specific (and Linux DRM-specific) dependencies. This could also open the way to Wayland being usable outside of Linux (e.g. BSD and others). At least, unless I'm missing something.

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