so basically the optional setting are for compatibility stuff and generally not need? I cleared CMOS and Load System Defaults in BIOS and all are still disabled. I try to set spd profile, but it doesn't list one. description says AUTO will load SPD by default. I have to manually Enable ECC, but I now leave the other settings disabled. So my ECC is enabled and working as it should? or do I need some/all the others enabled or set?

I did some searching on ECC setting. all I came up with was edac-utils for linux. It seems to read log files and tell the system when to scrub or something. so it does like the kernel does most things. Not sure if windows kernel does? or only the server editions of windows?

Do you know of any software that will read the RAM to tell me if ECC is enabled or what the ECC settings are set at?

Thanks for your help