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Thread: Is nVidia working on a CPU?

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    Default Is nVidia working on a CPU?

    Seems to be speculation at this point, but it makes perfectly logical sense.

    ============== Where does a team of engineers of this calibre go when they are not really welcome at AMD or Intel? Easy, greener pastures was not a euphemism, they went to Nvidia. What are they doing at Nvidia? Well duh, they are making a CPU.

    The ATI buy put Nvidia is a really tough spot, it either has to make a CPU, change its entire product line, or wither and die. Given the egos involved, the first one is the only real option, not that they haven't threatened it in the past.============

    There's several other links there, dunno if it can be confirmed but it makes for good forum chatter, no?

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    NVIDIA does indeed have intentions on developing a CPU, I strong believe that. The ATI/AMD move will make things interesting...

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    Well, if they decide to make their own platform, we'll have at least 3 mainstream x86 platform suppliers (let's ignore the M$ chip-making rumors, for convenience's sake). It'll be a welcome change from the usual Intel/AMD fights, and it'll keep both of those companies on their toes.
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