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Thread: test Openarena, and get failed with no error!!

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    Default test Openarena, and get failed with no error!!

    Hi there
    I've test openarena suite on my device, there is no error while downloading test file and installing the test.
    After I can select the test resolution, it returns message to tell me that this test is failed to run, but I've no idea what's wrong with it.
    Can anyone tells me where I can find the root cause of it?! or what I shall check on it?
    Any clue is welcome for me ! : )
    (Below attached the tail of terminal dump and install.log!!)

    the message returns to me:
    openarena [Resolution: 800 x 600]
    Test 1 of 1
    Expected Trial Run Count: 3
    Started Run 1 @ 11:27:29
    Started Run 2 @ 11:27:31
    Started Run 3 @ 11:27:33

    Test Results:

    Average: 0 Frames Per Second
    This test failed to run properly.

    The installation seems no error from "install.log":

    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/COPYING
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/CREDITS
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/SDL.dll
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/baseoa/pak6-patch085.pk3
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/libogg-0.dll
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/libvorbis-0.dll
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/libvorbisfile-3.dll
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/oa_ded.exe
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/oa_ded.i386
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/oa_ded.x86_64
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/openarena.exe
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/openarena.i386
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/openarena.x86_64
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/openarena_deprecated.exe
    inflating: openarena-0.8.1/readme_085.txt
    creating: demos/
    inflating: demos/pts-lyngen.dm_71
    inflating: pts.cfg
    [meego@localhost openarena]$

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    Run: phoronix-test-suite debug-run openarena

    Then it will create a log file for the debug run output.

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