The AMD/ATI fglrx 8.37.6 driver is now available... It contains X server 1.3 naming fix, AMDCCCLE v1.0 (adds translations and the 3D page), RHEL5 support, and some random fixes.

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It was a year ago that AMD/ATI had delivered the fglrx 8.25.18 display driver, which corrected a bug causing issues with the Radeon X1000 512MB video cards, added new product support, and squashed a variety of other bugs. Well, today AMD delivered the 8.37.6 Linux display driver. Affecting this driver the most is support for X server version 1.3 and appended several other fixes along with a slight upgrade to the AMD Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition. While no AIGLX support was added or no new features introduced, the upgrade should be worth the time

Okay, here's the scoop on Fedora 7. WIth AMD fixing the X 1.3 problem, the drivers will build. However, when you install the RPMs for Fedora 7, aticonfig will crash and will remove your xorg.conf (though the original is renamed). If you manually update your xorg.conf and then restart X, fglrx will fail to load and you'll find a backtrace in your Xorg.0.log. So if you need the fglrx drivers to survive, don't upgrade to Fedora 7 just yet. Stay tuned to the forums for more information. This issue with 8.37 should not cause problems with Fedora Core 6 or previous versions.