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Thread: Let's make Phoronis do some real good

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    Exclamation Let's make Phoronis do some real good


    It's nice that you cover the events happing in Open Source but I believe could be much more useful if you considered one proposal.

    You perfectly know that kernel/KDE/Gnome/ bugzilla's are rife with thousands of bug reports which aren't addressed/resolved/being fixed because Open Source projects lack manpower. It's quite obvious that amongst Phoronix readers there are a lot of experienced programmers who can solve those bugs if they were offered a hard reward (read cash).

    You can create a poll consisting of the bugs which have the most duplicates/comments/votes at their respective bug trackers and create a fund raising company for bugs which will receive the most votes amongst Phoronix readers.

    I have no idea how to do that properly and how much money has to be offered for fixing the bugs which Phoronix readers will choose to resolve, but as a talented organizer I believe you'll figure everything out.

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    This must happen. It is a matter of time.

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