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Thread: Nexuiz 2.3 Released

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    Default Nexuiz 2.3 Released

    Phoronix News: Nexuiz 2.3 Released

    We haven't heard much on Nexuiz lately, the open-source 3D first person shooter, but with it being the two year anniversary that the game has been out there, we finally have a new release. In Nexuiz 2.3 the gaming engine has received a massive overhaul, which results in a 50-500% performance increase along with more beautiful renderings. In addition to the engine improvements, Nexuiz now has a number of new maps, reworked texture effects, and fixing up the weapons in this game...

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    Downloaded the new version, runs very well. 6600GT, A64 3400+, get avg around 40-50fps @1024x768 with all the effects on (no HDR but bloom) and 2xAF. Very niiiice. Hopefully Alientrap's other game comes out soon(ish)

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    Smile Been a while...

    It's been a while since I last played this! I can't remember what frame rates I was getting, but they weren't great at high resolutions. Perhaps it's time I give this game another look... 500% improvements are nothing to sneeze at!

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