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FYI, tried posting this earlier, but for anyone who is interested and likes the Gnome 2 experience, there is at least one fork of Gnome 2 now, it is called EXDE, I am not sure how active it is. It seems to have only been started this past January.

The website has a FAQ, a roadmap, et al:

I'm not involved with EXDE, I just would like to see some semblance of my current UI maintained, whatever the most fruitful path for that outcome may be.
Use gnome-fallback.session
It's the "old" panel system and menu written in gtk3, as I understand it. Haven't tried it personally. My asus Aspire One netbook runs gnome-shell wonderfully (running Fed15 from alpha with updates).
The Clutter team has made massive improvements with regards to performance and more should be on the way.