First off, great site. I've only just stumbled across it, and as a long time Linux user (getting on 11 years now) it's nice to see a site full of benchmarks that aren't 3DMark on a Windows box.

I'm generally in the workstation game, and my interests lie more in "real work" than gaming. I know benchmarking systems is long and tiring work, but is there a chance of adding SPECViewPerf scores to the list? Seeing pages of Unreal Tournament and Quake benchmarks gives me a general idea of performance, but these are typically throughput limited software that are light on geometry, compared to professional 3D work which is usually geometry heavy.

Internally I've been benchmarking workstations myself with SPECViewPerf. It's my standard tool for working out dollars-to-grunt ratio, especially back in the dark ages when you needed to justify a $3000 Quadro card as opposed to a $300 GeForce card to your boss.

Anyways... if it's too time consuming, that's cool. There's a lot of folks turning to Linux for 3D workstation use (Maya, XSI, Houdini, Flame, etc all have Linux ports these days), and that sort of info would be great for them if you could squeeze it in.