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    Who of you KDE lovers have tried out the new release of AmaroK? AmaroK 1.4.4 includes support for a DRM-free music store, and it also has other features and changes. Due to this launch, the KDE project site seems to be down right now.

    Anyone try out Magnatune DRM-free music store before?

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    I'll have to check out the drm-free music store, along with amarok 1.4.4, the previous versions have been nothing but wonderful to use, especially since I'm familiar with the itunes interface.

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    Although I prefer Banshee, I still download all the new Amarok releases. The new music store is pretty to use. Its just a tab on the side which you can expand with the side bar to make bigger and such. You click update to download the database and then it lists the artist in alphabetical order. Being and R&B fan there just is nothing on their for me, but you can select your genre in the upper right corner of the tab. It's not pretty but it works.

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