I am currently using Fedora Core 6. My current Xorg (7.1) works quite nicely for 2D in a "ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 5A61 (PCIE)", but there is no 3D support. As it is the case for many ATI users, the fglrx does not support AIGLX on my setup. So I decided I would try building the latest Xorg from sources and run it from my home directory, in order to enable accelerated AIGLX.

All packages marked as -git.tar.bz2 were current up to 2007/06/08. In addition I downloaded the latest Mesa sources from GIT.

Compilation went so-so, because I omitted several input drivers that have not been updated to work with the latest xorg-server git. Only compiled xf86-input-keyboard and xf86-input-mouse . However, when I try to run the compiled X server (with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH set to corresponding bin and lib directories), all I get is a black screen. My monitor seems to shut down (the green LED beside the power button turns orange and blinks) and I see nothing on my screen. In addition, the keyboard is unresponsive and therefore Ctrl-Alt-Backspace seems to have no effect.

By sshing into my computer from another location, I see my computer is still up and responding, only the console is screwed up. I have tried adding options to the Driver section of my xorg.conf to no avail. Maybe I am doing something stupid. However, the crash at the end of the logs does not occur when the console is screwed, but only when I order the computer to reboot remotely through ssh.