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What procedure did you use to compile? Did you use the Xorg server from your distro and just replaced the libraries, or did you compile everything from scratch? I had to compile everything from scratch because my distro supplied Xorg is version 7.1 . When I use all released packages, the ati driver works flawlessly (but without any 3-D acceleration). Apparently the git version of the ati driver requires 7.3 or current git of xorg-server . I tried compiling current git of the ati driver with xorg 7.2 (1.2.0) but I had the black-screen symptom. I thought it would dissapear if I used the git version of xorg-server, but no such luck.
The radeon driver does not include DRI, as far as I know. You'll have to compile Mesa3d for that.

As for the X server, I don't know I compiled the whole X.org from that git repository about a month ago and got 7.1.99.<something> with a release date of december 2005. Maybe the version from git isn't cleaned up? (but it may be up to date now).

There is an announcement on wiki.x.org:
Development snapshots are currently on hiatus. Most modules now update slowly enough that frequent snapshots aren't needed. The server itself is still quite volatile; snapshots of it will probably resume shortly.
but it's not dated.

Why do you want to compile from git anyway? Is there some specific feature that you want, or do you just want to have the latest and (not so) greatest? Keep in mind that developers may not account for changes in the development version, and you'll end up with "bleeding edge" that breaks things..