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Not to be picky, and I know that high-end cards can be extremely expensive and that you only get a few free samples here and there from manufacturers, but:

What's the possibility of also testing high-end cards in the latest 3 generations? For example, Radeon HD4850 or better, HD5850 or better, HD6950 or better. For the most part I have only seen low-end cards in your tests lately, some of them are even passively cooled because they've had so much of the bulk of the card stripped out.
Earlier today I actually tried doing a comparison of classic Mesa, Gallium3D, and Catalyst on a Radeon HD 4890, Radeon HD 5770, and Radeon HD 6870. (I finally got a Radeon HD 6870.) But the Linux 2.6.38 Radeon DRM as of this morning fails to light up the display for the HD 6870.

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One other thing: Can you offer incentives to people who run phoronix-test-suite and successfully submit non-outlier data into openbenchmarking.org? For example, you could have a drawing to give away a free HD5850 to one lucky person, randomly selected from the list of people who submitted their results for a given test suite and had their results accepted into openbenchmarking.org. Having events like this occasionally would give you a nice burst of data flooding openbenchmarking.org, and having a large data set is key for people to have confidence in the reliability of the data.
We've already been working on a competition and hope to be giving away a complete Linux system from a Linux-friendly vendor as part of the OpenBenchmarking.org launch yet, but that sponsorship isn't finalized yet.