I have a couple of specific questions and requests regarding these Intel boards. My ultimate goal is to have a stable instant on Linux desktop. Meaning, a machine that can gracefully S3 suspend-to-ram or hibernate repeatedly.

I'm trying my best to figure out which one of these boards has built in DVI, or support (in Linux, of course) for the plug in ADD2 card that allows for DVI output. Newegg has a couple of these cards from Wintech, with claimed support for most recent Intel chipset based motherboards.

The second is, which one of these boards (with DVI) will gracefully suspend to RAM and hibernate?

If anybody has any positive results using S3 suspend to ram with a desktop board under Linux, I would love to hear from you. (Would love to hear from you more if you are using an NVDIA based chipset, NVIDIA grpahics card, the proprietary binary driver and have had success with S3 and hibernate.)

Any possibility of testing these features with a review?

My Thinkpad x40 has no problems doing either S3 or hibernate without fail. Maybe I should be looking at something like Tyan's Tomcat i945GM (S3095). Based on a mobile chipset with DVI, but a bit pricier considering you need a mobile CPU.

Any suggestions would be welcome.