Why I do want Mono on Linux:
- it is another option, for desktop development is better than Java. Why people don't bash Java as Oracle sued eventually. They don't offer a Community Promise that Microsoft did
- Mono offers a decent runtime by default to develop in Ubuntu. Compare with Gtk+/C and you will understand why. If you use paired with LLVM JIT it gets impresive performance, tested by miself
- It does not break at least no public patent. Why people complaining don't say: we don't want WebM, Apple will attack Google eventually for patents? Or we don't want OpenOffice, let's use KOffice every time
- How can you start using Linux if you are locked in with .Net if you develop on Windows? You may start by migrating your server from Windows to XSP/Mono with Linux. This is the reason why some people did not migrate to Linux till Wine was capable to run their beloved game
At the end I just want to congratulate them to their achievement, SGen bug fixing makes it really juicy and I really hope them the best!