I have small problem with hardware accelerated video decoding using fglrx driver. When I run mplayer with normal user privilages I get:
mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi somevideo.mkv
[vo_vaapi] vaPutSurface(): resource allocation failed
xvba_video: XVBA_CreateGLSharedSurface(): status 11% 30%  1.5% 11 0
But if I start mplayer with root (suid) privileges it works:
sudo mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi somevideo.mkv
How can I correct this? I already corrected /dev/ati/card0 permissions but it didn't help.

Another strange thing: some applications (Minecraft /java/, GoogleEarth) when started from command line flicker (3D part of window), when started from menu (or some wrapper script) they're displayed fine - why it happens?

My system: Ubuntu 10.10, fglrx 11.2, HD4870, AMD CPU.