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Thread: Intel Chipsets?

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    Default Intel Chipsets?

    I see in some places that all intel chipsets(motherboard) are well supported in linux, and in other places I see that certain chipsets are completely unsupported because lack of documentation.

    Anybody got a definitive answer on this? What's your experience with Intel chipsets, intel based motherboards?

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    Is there a specific Chipset you are looking at?

    Overall, the Intel Chipsets are well supported under Linux, but there are a few problems mainly with the i965 and i975 models. There are no major problems though that really can't be worked around.

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    TBH I've had far more success with Intel-based motherboards running GNU/Linux than any other company.

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    Yes. I currently have an 845/P4 computer that I've always had stability issues with. I can't figure out what it is but it seems that with each new distro that I put on it it gets a little better. It's gotta be a driver/incompatibility issue of some kind.

    The board in it is a gigabyte GA-8IE533.

    The two other computers I have don't have that problem, arent intel based either.

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    I think that would be a motherboard-specific problem or an issue with some other piece of hardware or BIOS configuration. I have built multiple i845 systems in the past without fault.

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    Thanks for the info. All.

    I'll be trying suse 10.2 on it, so maybe it'll be good enough this time around.

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