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Yes, because that worked so well with compositing in KDE.

The "We're going to make you do something and if it doesn't work you need to make someone else fix their code" paradigm that seems to be taking hold is pretty user unfriendly.

Here's how it goes.

Me: Hey Ubuntu, I can't suspend
Ubuntu: Send us the outputs of a dozen different commands
Me: Ok
*2 months of being ignored by dev, day of 11.04 release*
Ubuntu: Hey, we just released 11.04, can you upgrade and re-test
Me: Still broken
*No action for 6 months*

I've been down this path before with kernel bugs and Ubuntu. The amount of time it takes for me to report and gather information further ignored by Ubuntu does not compare to the time it takes for me to hit the power button and go feed the Dog.

Unforunately that looks like my next move because I'm not sticking with pure Ubuntu.
You can try archlinux It tends to work way better then Ubuntu IF you are willing to spend the time to configure nearly everything yourself.

As for the bug stuff. I sadly encoutered the exact same in both Gnome and Ubuntu bug trackers. Now i know they are probably lacking man power but it does feel frustrating when they simply ask to update your issue because they where lazy enough to not look at all open bugs before releasing a new version.

Archlinux always responds fast on bug reports. As for KDE. You can be sure that your bug does get read but you might not get a reply fast although always faster then the gnome bug tracker.