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Thread: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS + Sun Sparc64

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    Default Ubuntu 6.06 LTS + Sun Sparc64

    The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS server for SUN Sparc 64bit architecture.

    This release is an Ubuntu distribution for your servers, with a fast and easy
    install, regular releases, and a tight selection of excellent packages installed
    by default. Other packages and applications are available from a global network
    of mirrors, and professional, commercial technical support from Canonical Ltd
    and hundreds of other companies around the world.

    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS will be the first Ubuntu release with a long-term support cycle: free security updates and commercial technical support will be available for five years.

    To Get Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for Sparc you can download from :

    United States:

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    I was excited when they announced a month or so ago that they would be making this release. Perhaps I'll test it on my Ultra 2 if I find the time.

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