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Thread: Wayland Is Now Available In Ubuntu 11.04

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    Default Wayland Is Now Available In Ubuntu 11.04

    Phoronix: Wayland Is Now Available In Ubuntu 11.04

    Canonical's Bryce Harrington has just announced he has uploaded a snapshot of the Wayland Display Server to the Universe repository for Ubuntu 11.04, a.k.a. the upcoming "Natty Narwhal" Linux release...

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    I'm happy to hear this. It frankly doesn't do anything for me at the moment or even in the immediate future as I don't even run Ubuntu but it's an important first step. As mentioned in the article this is just a foundation, a baby step, but one that will hopefully ultimately allow me to ditch X entirely years from now.

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    Default Maybe a review of the Natty stack?


    Ubuntu Natty already reached Feature Freeze

    Would it be possible for you to review the Natty Graphics / Kernel stack. Things like what chipsets will use Gallium, what to expect in terms of perfomance, etc. You always give a nice overview of the major topics (btw, this kind of articles really add a lot of value to Phoronix)

    Thanks a lot!

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