I am curious about the different options in virtualization for Linux. My favorite is to use KVM, but I know lots of people prefer Vmware or Virtualbox.

I thought it would be interesting to post benchmarks of Windows running as guests on top of Linux and see how things compare.

To start the ball rolling this is what I have:

Host System:
1090t AMD processor, 6 cores @ 3.2 ghz
2x2TB SATA drives in RAID0
16GB of DDR3 RAM
890FX chipset
5770 ATI graphics GPU running Gallium drivers
Ubuntu 10.10

Backported Libvirt, virt-manager, and Qemu-KVM from Natty and SPICE PPA.
(downloaded deb-src packages and used dpkg-buildpackage to build them for Maverick)
This allows me to use SPICE graphics protocol, which kicks-ass.

Guest System:
Windows XP 32bit SP3 all updates
2GB of RAM
2 Althon CPUs @ 3.2ghz
40GB Virtio SCSI drive backed by LVM logical volume
Redhat QXL GPU drivers

Benchmark Tool:
Performance Test 7.0 Evaluation Version


PassMark Rating (partial result): 1467.5
2D Graphics Mark: 242.1
Memory Mark: 4042.9
Disk Mark: 1041.7
CD Mark: 579.6