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The vast majority of users DO have a working solution -- they use Windows with Windows closed drivers.

It's the Linux users who do not have a working solution -- the reason for this is that some hardware manufacturers hate open source and hate Linux as a result. This is why we need open drivers, instead of hoping that Linux-haters will give us a working driver if we promise to abandon open source.
mm it's a leeetle more complex than that in the case of the "upcoming" embedded GPUs, with their proprietary software, they are not only coping with a meteoric rise to fame from tens-to-hundreds of $100k licensees as customers suddenly into the limelight, but also with the feature of being ground into the bedrock of a patent lawsuit landslide from the "big boys", ATI, NVidia etc.

add to that the fact that, for example in imgtec's case, that they have quite a significant SDK, which emphasises "how proud they are" of the "worthiness" of their GPU, and how, if you use that SDK, you can "get the most out of it", it's a real uphill battle that can (and has) sometimes only be broken by reverse-engineering efforts.

this is a _really_ useful presentation to read, btw:

but - really: regarding the rest of what you wrote (about how everyone else has "working" stuff and gnu/linux users "don't"), i think it's basically down to a combination of intelligence and integrity.

intelligent people have the ability to live with gnu/linux quirks, but an intelligent person with no integrity will soon choose convenience over the ethical implications of what (for example) dr richard stallman writes at in his own unique way. the intelligent person, willing to stick to their chosen level of integrity, will go *out of their way* to research and purchase compatible hardware, or will simply live without the "features" or "benefits". period.

technology and convenience is _not_ as important as principles, to these people. these are the people who view proprietary software in the same way that slavery is viewed, and child labour in life-threatening conditions and so on. once you've made that kind of intelligent and ethical connection, it's not a line you cross.

a person with integrity but lacking the intelligence to cope with linux will either drive themselves nuts or drive other people nuts, or will get a mac as a compromise, until their intelligent integrous friend tells them about how apple bare-face rips off macs and runs cartelling iRings around their iWondrous iProducts.

let's not describe the case with people that have no integrity and no intelligence.