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Thread: Name The Next ATI Driver Contest (2007)

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    8.41 "Another Vesa Implementation with Video Output"
    8.42 "Features Impossible" ... directed by John Doe
    8.43 "Rush Hour 3ver" [dreiver]
    8.44 "Die Hard 8.44.0"
    8.45 "Transcoders - Powered by US Military Hackers!" ... Join AMD! (After Military Decruit) ... is this driver written in COBOL???
    8.46 "Simpsons - The Driver ... Spider Bug!"
    8.47 "Features Impossible 2" ... directed by John Doe
    8.48 "The LinuX-Files ... the eerily cases of AMD"
    8.49 "LOST"
    8.50 "The Fantastic FOOL - Rise of the Silvercoder" ... when he arrives a driver dies!
    8.51 "Starship Coders... BUUUUGS!" *With heroic Anthem!*
    8.52 "Amd Made Drivers for All This Idiots!"
    8.53 "Only two things are infinite, the universe and AMD/ATIs implementation process, and I'm not sure about the former" stolen and adapted from an very wise man! (thank you Albert!)
    8.54 "Oops... i've too often played DRIVERS this month... next month perhaps!"
    8.54 "F***in Graphic Libarys! Recycle X!"
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