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Yes, "easy mode" will definitely boost popularity.
Seeing how windows is popular, it just most of population don't have glue of alternative or dislike details.

How about:
1) "Searching for new hardware?" [Button]
2) "Select type" [multiselect mulitchoice]: cpu, gpu, mb, controller etc(lookup on newegg, or geizhals.at)
3) "Set criteria" [multiselect]:
[ ] Available to buy
[ ] Confirmed to work
[ ] Phoronix tested
[ ] Set software versions [droplist]
4) browse results with (sort by number of tests, sort by ratings, sort by overall performance
...5) possible shopping recommendations

That would definately add value to non-techies(80% of us, but 10% of connected population)
Yep. There's just the start at: http://openbenchmarking.org/finder but more interesting things should be out in a few weeks time.