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Thread: An Open Letter To ATI/AMD

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    Default An Open Letter To ATI/AMD

    Phoronix: An Open Letter To ATI/AMD

    David Stevens, a Linux user and Phoronix reader, had written a letter to ATI/AMD expressing concern over their lack of providing an official free software driver. David had asked this letter be made openly available and shared with our readers. You may share your thoughts on the fglrx driver and ATI/AMD's lack of an open-source driver in the Phoronix Forums. Like this letter, Phoronix accepts quality editorials and pieces written by the community.

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    Good thing.

    I wonder what AMD meant with "AMD is going to open its graphic drivers". Open as in "open your mouth but we don't care"? ^^

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    Default AMD/ATI Linux Future Support Concerns

    Once again I know I am leary on going down the AMD path. I know it is coming a time soon where I will need to upgrade my workstation. AMD does have great processors and would love to more than ever experience that AMD love.

    The catch to this is. the base of those AMD Chipsets will be ATI from what I can gather. will this be the same for the workstation chipsets? will Nvidia be left out in the cold when Barcelona comes in Q3? With the lack of support for functional drivers for motherboards and Graphics cards. I am going to have to research and hopefully AMD/ATI gets something done about this issue.

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