I think announcing game pre-orders is by far the WORST type of news post any site could ever make. Unless you're working for the gaming industry and that is the last thing a "journalist" should be. I understand that you are trying to bring attention to a game that you think is a worthy effort and that a game from a secondary studio could use the publicity but still I think sites should NEVER do that.


The potential of pre-orders forces retailers to ask publishers: "When is the game going to be released and available for orders?"
That in turn makes the publisher ask the studio? "Hey, when is the game gonna be finished? Hurry up already"
That puts pressure on the developers and makes games go out the door unfinished, full of bugs and in general, makes studios produce crappy games. (CoD MW2, BF BC2, same soccer/NFL/hockey games over and over, the sims extended ultra-crappy edition etc).

Pre-orders serve to create a hype and interest to an un-finished product. That hype only serves the game publisher and nobody else. We've seen it before. Publisher creates hype about game. Stupid-gamers rush to pre-order. Obedient journalists get invited all-expenses-paid to exclusively review the game before it's even complete. Blah blah... I'm TIRED of this.

It's the same as advertising. Makes gamers want to buy a game before just by the title. Before they even see screenshots or read reviews or comments from others who have played it. It's BAD! Perpetuates this eternal culture of consumers who mindlessly consume, pre-order everything the studios and the press dish out to them.

my 2 cents.