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I was referring to doc/html/index.html in the XvBA Tools tree whereas I think you're referring to the README in the XvBA SDK.

There's no README in XvBA Tools and I agree there should be one. Sorry, that was a last minute oversight. I will add a README with a pointer to the Doxygen generated documentation.

I agree the help could be more useful.

I empathize because I ran into this too. Fortunately for me, I was able to find fixed packages for my preferred development platform and I documented installation of those packages.

I'm not the maintainer of the Framewave source or the packages for any platform. As I said, it's just a coincidence that Framewave was contributed by AMD. AMD is a large company; I don't know any of the original developers or any of the current maintainers.

Like I said, I didn't look into it in detail. I agree that the Framewave dependency is less than ideal and I'll look into removing it.


Thank you for your detailed reply.
I look forward to the next XvBA tools release.
Oh and supporting MKV and mp4 (in xvbaplay) would be very handy since most of the H.264 files are provided in a container format and extracting them really isn't fun...