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I pre-ordered but I sure as hell am not recommending it to anyone else yet. Although it looks pretty, calling this a beta is a very long stretch.

  • It always crashes when playing a game (usually 45 seconds or so after encountering the enemy)
  • Keyboard focus is stolen - you cannot alt-tab out, the volume keys are ignored etc. The only way I have found to do these things is to exit the game completely
  • It will need lots of play balancing
  • There are random pauses and slow downs
  • Multi-platform gamers have to pick a platform
  • Yet another account with yet another password is created on yet another server using yet another payment processor
  • No mention of DRM in the official materials, and a statement of "none" to my direct question. Things could change and I bought on good faith.

The reality is they need to get far closer to finishing the game. For example it shouldn't crash all the time. This cannot spread by word of mouth or recommendation until that is addressed and some of the other issues are improved.

The bottom line is that people buy finished products and they need to finish it. They are lucky that some people are prepared to pay early.
there is a fix for the crashes, look at the oilrush forums, delte the cfg file iirc