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What happened to the Catalyst team starting around late 2009 and through 2010 to the present? Their driver stopped sucking. Maybe they got lucky and hired one or more brilliant minds.

Now if only we can make it not suck and make it open source. Damn. The numbers for r?00g are encouraging though.
Late 2009 is when the driver hit a sweet spot. The team (my team) had basically got the tempo and vibe to match the development speed of Windows for the Radeon HD 5000 series launch.

Driver development with 10's of millions of lines of code is slow and steady (particularly with the ecosystem continually changing). ATI is great at maintaining quality as it gets there.

I made the move from AMD when I felt we had hit a good spot (late 2009), from there they've continued to hold the ship steady and continue pushing out good features.