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Thread: An OpenGL 4.1 Gallium3D State Tracker Was Just Proposed

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    Default An OpenGL 4.1 Gallium3D State Tracker Was Just Proposed

    Phoronix: An OpenGL 4.1 Gallium3D State Tracker Was Just Proposed

    It's not often that really interesting mailing list messages come through on the weekend, but this Sunday there is a very interesting message that was posted to the Mesa development list. A Belgian developer has offered to write an OpenGL 4.1 state tracker for Gallium3D this summer. Not only that, but that this state tracker to support the latest OpenGL specification would be free of using Mesa. This would also mean parts of the OpenGL 3.x API, EGL context-creation, LLVMpipe support, OpenVG state tracker support, and possibly even Clover capabilities for OpenCL...

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    That's just awesome news and i certainly hope that he can get it done.

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    This guy is _very_ ambitious but I think he would succeed. He could be a big win for the community.
    Therefore I hope he won't be discouraged too heavily and he can start working soon.

    I think he will get the necessary video cards quickly, AMD should step up as soon as his project gets accepted by Google.

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    I really hope this guy can do this. It will be an amazing accomplishment if he can.

    I do wonder how far VMWare has come with this already. They were working on the DX10 state tracker for a while before they merged it into mainline

    Let's hope that no work is duplicated

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    Default free OGL4.1 card?

    I hope he is serious about it and not just looking for a free OGL4.1 capable card

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    He doesn't need a card.. as he isn't implementing DRM support but software rendering probably on top of the normal renderer and also llvmpipe.

    I think the idea is just to get the state tracker started and later add on the hardware support.

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    Default That's very nice, but...

    ... OpenGL 3/4 linux implementation is stopped by those f***ed patents.
    Will be ever possible to do something GL3/4 without having to pay someone $ 1,241,452,883,945,814,664,741,093 for every single working OpenGL thing + 3,121,532 years in prison on Pluto (years of Pluto, not Earth)?

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