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So he is going to develop OpenGL state tracker? ... from scratch? ... over summer? ... all alone? Is he some kind of superhero from outer space? How come I've never seen his BIG achievements before? Why it's taking so long time for team of skilled developers like: Alex Deucher, Dave Airlie, Marek Olk, Brian Paul etc. to write OpenGL 3 state tracker when one inexperienced student from Belgium could do it alone and probably overnight ? Maybe he was on a trip to Holland recently and overdosed ?

To be serious: I think that when someone says BIG words, he should have THICK portfolio behind his back. I think that words of Denis aren't credible and are only nutrition for dreamers.
That's because a pure OpenGL 3 state tracker (software only) is considerably simpler than Open GL 1-1.5 and 2-2.1 + extensions plus all the needed changes to Mesa, which is sometimes not easy to update for yet newer extensions.

Still, it's extremely ambitious. Best of luck, and hopefully some of his work can be re-used if it doesn't work.