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Thread: LM_Sensors 2.10.4 Coming Soon

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    Default LM_Sensors 2.10.4 Coming Soon

    Phoronix News: LM_Sensors 2.10.4 Coming Soon

    An announcement has been made on the LM_Sensors home-page that version 2.10.4 of this hardware monitoring program will be available in mid-July. This maintenance release will add support for a few new chips and fix some outstanding bugs. The specific changes that will be found in LM_Sensors 2.10.4 can be found in the trunk CHANGES. The final release is currently planned for July 16.

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    I am really looking forward to this release as it will introduce core temp sensors support on Intel Core2Duo CPUs together with a kernel >2.6.20. About time to have this out of the box, namely with Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon coming in October) and all the other cool desktop distributions out there

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