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Thread: Radeon X1200 = black & white 2

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    Default Radeon X1200 = black & white 2

    The game worked fine with Vista.
    For yahoo reasons I re-installed XP on this laptop and now the game is giving me this error..."Fatal error: Could not create the 3D device"

    Game requirement----- XP/vista...1.6ghz...512mb RAM...8x cd speed...directX card must have 64mb+ and support pixel shader 1.1

    My laptop specs---- Toshiba A215-s4747...Xp....1.79ghz...896mb RAM...directX 9.0c.

    I tried these drivers so far...from the ATI website...
    and i get this msg...

    "Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system. Setup will now close."

    Does that mean i shud look at xp64 drivers ...i have no idea what im talking about anymore... helpppppppppppppppppp

    plz gimme link to driver im so lost
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    I would suggest that you look elsewhere for help. You're asking for XP technical help in a Linux and Solaris specific site's forum.

    Now... If you were asking for help getting AMD's driver working on Linux and wanted to attempt to get Black and White to run under WINE, we might be more able to help you, but as it stands, you probably won't find much useful help here.

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