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Thread: Giving Away Linux Copies Of The New Unigine Game

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    I tested pts 3 with heaven profile. The thing is: basically you can not correctly compare gfx cards with only 1 setting. There should be 2 profiles, one with tessellation and one without. If you use the tessellation profile with a card that does not support opengl 4 it should just write an error. Otherwise some may think that old opengl 2.x/3.x cards are even faster than opengl 4 cards. Which is only possible because the opengl 4 cards run the demo with tessellation and the others without. There is no way to disable tesselation without "cheating" - that means changeing the config file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakubo View Post
    i guess nobody likes oil rigs these days...
    That may be more true than anyone had guessed two years ago.

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