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For 90% of people the open source drivers are fine.
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I completely agree. For typical end-users,
Citations please. What do you really know about "typical end-users" and where do you know it from? How do you know how many are running binary drivers? Since you have such accurate data, go ahead and exclude anything from your figures that doesn't really belong in a discussion about the needs/wants of desktop users such as server machines.

Secondly, if it's good enough for most users, why all the discussion? Why all the complaining, fudding, and carrying on in every forum, blog, bug report, etc, etc. Certainly this has to be one of the most vocal minorities ever.

Third, if things are as you say, "90%" and "typical", how can you be sure that people are happy with the open drives and haven't just given in and accepted that FLOSS will never offer the extras such as gaming and just turn to something else (ps, wii, xbox, windows box, etc). How much feedback bias is going on where fact that people can't influences that people don't.

Lets say tomorrow, that someone waves a magic wand and all the binary drivers were open, pattens were abolished, Epic came through with UT3, Steam etc... all happy rainbows and shit. Are you saying that the typical 90% won't give a shit because Supertux, KPatience, and Firefox have all been "fine" for some time?

(Oh wait scratch Firefox, they're not fine with most FLOSS drivers either )