My machine is a Dell E1505 laptop,
Duo CPU, 1G Mem, Intel 3945ABG wireless adapter.
And I am trying to run Fedora6 on it.

I have installed the following packages from freshRPM,
dkms-ipw3945.noarch 1.1.0-2 installed
ipw3945-firmware.noarch 1.13-1 installed
ipw3945d.i386 1.7.22-3 installed

And my WiFi small light is flashing now. And a good thing is that I can swith it on/off by Fn+F2. But I could not make the stable connection even if I am only less than 10 feet away from a very strong AP. Yesterday, one or two out of ten attempts, I could make a connection. But it takes ~100 seconds to load the google page. And today, I can't make any connection now.

So, I guess the signal strength is not a problem. So, wherelse should I check? Thanks.