I have an Nvidia 8600GS connected to a Sony projector via HDMI, on Fedora Core 6. Sadly, the projector crops 30 pixels from each edge, causing me to lose valuable image! (The desktop menu and kicker panels are almost completely cut off).

The projector is native 1280x720, and my Nvidia is sending 1280x720. So as a result, my onscreen image is only the center 1220x660 pixels (scaled back up to 1280x720).

Since this "feature" of the projector can't be disabled, is there a way to compensate using a modeline in xorg.conf, or other? Can someone tell me how I might accomplish one or all of the following:

Option 1
Is it possible to tell the Nvidia card to send an image of 1340x780 (which my projector will crop to 1280x720)? Can this be done? (Since this is an HDMI connection, I can't figure out how to force that resolution? This won't solve the cut off panels (since the edges will still be cropped), but I will at least get 1280x720 pixels mapped 1:1.

Option 2
Is is possible to leave the 1280x720 resolution, but tell Linux to only use the centermost 1220x660 pixels for display? This will prevent cropping of the image.

Option 3
Ideally, I would like to combine options 1 and 2, allowing me to get the full 1280x720 back onscreen without any cropping.

Thanks for the help!