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    Default MMT Online.

    Two years ago our company created MMORPG game prototype called MMT in medieval fantasy setting. Demo used bleeding-edge Unigine 3D engine and RunServer middleware. It was presented on Moscow GDC 2009 (KRI) and then suspended. While the project were rather proff of concept than real game, it had a lot of functionality including rich gameplay, combat, magic system, leveling, classes, items, loot, etc.

    Now in year 2011 MMT is being reborn on Linux. We have set out to develop a full-featured MMORPG in a fantasy setting with traditional third-view camera and ASWD control. Game engine was updated to recent version with a lot of improvements and visal effects and now we run on OpenGL.

    You can see updated screenshots in our gallery:

    Our gameplay videos on YouTube:

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    MMT is also in the contest of Project Bossanova:

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