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Thread: The Issues With The Linux Kernel DRM, Continued

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    Default The Issues With The Linux Kernel DRM, Continued

    Phoronix: The Issues With The Linux Kernel DRM, Continued

    Yesterday Linus voiced his anger towards DRM, once again. But not the kind of DRM that is commonly criticized, Digital Rights Management, but rather the Linux kernel's Direct Rendering Manager. With the Linux 2.6.39 kernel it's been another time when Linus has been less than happy with the pull request for this sub-system that handles the open-source graphics drivers. Changes are needed...

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    IIRC a radeonhd developer was proposing to merge the components of the open source drivers some time ago but nobody cared about it...

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    I feel sorry for those GPU developers. That stuff is a nightmare.

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    It seems like it would have been better for DRM developers to stay outside of kernel at least until DRM would really become stable.

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    Jerome's reply essentially mirrors my commentary the last time around - this is a symptom of forcing a one-size-fits-all development cycle upon a group of projects with fundamentally different requirements. What's being realized in the web browser wars is similar. Developing a category of software in which the best available implementations cover only a fraction of the spec isn't even the same sport as maintenance of a mostly complete implementation.

    The vanilla kernel isn't exactly a high-assurance system built following formal methods to standards of provable correctness. Small pieces of it might be - by downstream users putting Linux on their ICBM guidance systems, but not every last component of every driver. They need to work together to discover an approach with variable flexibility for variable requirements.

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    Don't we (and the few DRM developers) already have enough problems/work with the graphics stack that we don't really need Linus being a diva permanently bitching about code being two weeks late?

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