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Thread: Some Distributions Still Live In A KMS-Less World

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattst88 View Post
    What a stupid, unrelated, and totally shameless self-referencing plug.
    Wasn't referencing it in regards to that particular problem, but just the frustrations and DRM problems that many experience in general.

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    Default cd media boot options

    My Windows 7 seems to be booting in a Vesa 800x600 mode prior to the actual desktop being displayed. I'm not so sure they are doing kernel-mode setting.

    I use the option 'vga=normal' for all of my Linux installations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattst88 View Post
    KMS VTs aren't hardware accelerated.

    So the rest of your post is... I... you... *sigh*.
    Ah, sorry I got KMS mixed up with Wayland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirrl View Post
    My Windows 7
    Its not yours, sorry.
    You have a right to use it under certain conditions yes, but no more than that.

    But thanks for paying for it anyway, you help microsoft develop more patented things that are either available only for windows or may not be disclosed. And they look forward to killing opengl. And thanks for help killing nokia too. Good job!

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