So any distro I try that uses the 2.6.38 kernel (natty, Fedora15, Arch-Testing) seems to be unusable with any kind of 3d accelerated desktop on my i5-2500k. Opensuse 11.4 works fine since it uses 2.6.37, so does arch with 2.6.37. I'm kinda a newb, so I don't have a log or anything to post, but basically, X crashes as soon as I try any kind of mouse or keyboard input on a login manager (be it GDM or KDM). While everything works fine using 2.6.37 on arch,

I'm worried about not being able to run most new desktop distros when they are released in the coming month. Anyone know anything about a regression that could be causing this?

Thanks for Reading,

P.S. On arch I've tried is using intel's 2.14 driver and 2.14.901, mesa 7.10, and xorg-server 1.9.4 and 1.10, none of which made any difference.